Warranty & Quality

At Noirx Collection we pride ourselves on providing quality Jewlery that you can be proud to make part of your daily routine with out any concerns of colour or rust change. Our jewelry has been tested 2 ways to ensure the quality is to our high standard. the 2 tests that have been taken are:

  1. Submerged in a tank of water for 30 days.

  2. Left outside in different weather conditions for 30 days.

We continued to conduct research and make improvements until there was no change in quality or color, and until we could proudly put our name and face behind our pieces.

All of our jewelry is covered with a Lifetime Warranty against any rust or tarnish, including manufacturing defects and color fading. We stand proudly with our real 18-karat gold plating, pure stainless steel fills, and all customized jewelry. If you run into any issues pertaining to color fading or rusting, please reach out to us and we will replace your item for free.

However, in some areas of the world (including many regions within Africa), a refund may be issued instead of an item replacement due to high shipping costs.